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Meet our Korean Specialist_Miss Pink

Korean Makeup Style

Korean make up style is a vastly growing and popular makeup trend and with good reasons; for years the make up industry have been constantly adapting and creating new seasonal trends for the consumer market however it wasn't until the rise of the Korean make up style which has revolutionised makeup and taking us to a new era.

Creating a whole new range of makeup that are quickly becoming a must have item for every girl and woman out there; first the BB cream then the cushion compact which is a new statement item with every 'it' beauty brands out there.

Flawless complexion and a youthful glow with a touch of sophistication is just a few signature traits of the Korean make up style. A desirable look that is forever timeless and definitely a trend to stay. Our newest artist Miss Pink has been specifically trained with all the techniques to create this ever popular and unforgettable look.


Makeup artistry is a deeply cultural practice in Korean and we are proud to be bringing this style to all our #joman beauties in Hong Kong. Whether you are a bride-to-be or Mummy-to-be, the flushed cheeks and gradient lips will give you that healthy glow. Giving your photoshoot a sweet and polish look.

For enquiries, please email or whatsapp 94389938

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