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Meet MUA Julie _ Sweet and Western Style

A sweet playful adaptation to the traditional western style. Julie is our rising star from the 90s, her youthfulness allows her to add a little vibrancy to her style, adapting the traditional western look with a mix of asian technique; making each look a little lighter and sweeter. She specialise in creating charming and soulful eyes, making sure they are your brightest and most captivating feature.

Julie’s hairstyles takes inspiration from the west; true LA styles, ranging from sexy beach waves, to fun high ponytails to messy undoes, always effortless and on point. Perhaps you can say that Julie’s choice of hairstyles is a great indication of her personality; like the Cali sun she is warm, sweet and patient, a great listener too.

Visit to see more of Julie's work.

For bookings, please whatsapp 92227408

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