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Magic is the power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.

Hair and Makeup by Toby @JOMAN WEDDING

It is definitely a word that can be used alongside our makeup artist Toby. Well trained in San Fransisco, Toby's make up magic comes from her incredible ability to transform single eyelids into doubles in the most effortless yet refined way, bringing out the best version of you on your special day. Her signature gorgeous and glam yet effortlessly style transpired from her makeup to her hairstyles. Toby's specialty lies in the way of her adaptability and creativity in working with hair of all lengths, even with the most challenging medium length hair. Her mastery of creating intricate hairstyles that are classic and polished is like no other. Having worked extensively in partnership with a global cosmetics brand, Toby's in-depth knowledge with cosmetic plays a considerable part in her application. Choosing the best of the best products, that are sure to deliver optimal quality. By understanding the nature of each of our bride's unique skin, she is able to choose the products that are most suited to each individual, allowing her to deliver the utmost flawless yet effortless complexion.

Interested to be Toby's next gorgeous bride? Message us to schedule a trial now.

Whatsapp/Call: 94389938

Instagram message @joman_wedding

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